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Note to the reader :  You may share these words with others. Please do not alter the words in any way and I ask that you acknowledge the source. This information is for personal use only and may not be used to teach others or for financial gain. For more information on Carol’s work with the Ascended Masters, or on Flame workshops and initiations, contact Carol on or call +27 83 626 3032.
Channelled through Carol Cooper-Steyn
3-July-2006 at Johannesburg, South Africa
"Ascended Master Saint Germain's Seven-Fold Flame Activation"

Beloved Beings of Light, I am Saint Germain, and I welcome each one of you to this very important occasion. I call this important because, what in fact you are offering today, is your Presence to take up my Flame of Light. We are aware that some of you have experienced an activation of some of the flames, but in the interest of the entire group, we ask that you be patient while we activate all seven flames within you. It is of importance that we speak of these flames. These flames are a pathway of Ascension that each one of you has chosen to participate within. As such, I, Saint Germain, offer my presence to each of you to guide you on your path of enlightenment and to take you firmly into the Golden Age. Part of the activation this day involves the activation of your gold print. Your gold print is that which you have brought to earth to assist with the entrenchment, if you like, of the Golden Age upon planet Earth. Your gold print assists each of you to anchor those projects of light that you have agreed to anchor upon the earth. Do not concern yourselves too much at this time with the gold print - we shall get to it. I felt it was necessary to explain what today was about for you. As I have said, the flame activations are part of the ascension pathway that I, Saint Germain, offer to humanity at this time. These flames are flames of transformation and transmutation. They enable one to move beyond the limitations that have been imposed upon you. As such, these are flames of liberation and it is your choice, Beloved Ones, to use them as you see fit. As I tell all of my initiates that I have initiated into the flames, it is up to you to take responsibility for activating the flames each day and for using them in a wise manner. It is that these flames cannot be used for any dark purpose and should any Being try to do so, the flames shall be instantly deactivated for those who do this. As such, these flames are to be taken very seriously. They are a gift which I offer to you and to all of humanity who choose to use them and, as I have already said, they need to be used with wisdom and more importantly, with love.

Having said that, Beloved Ones, I would ask that you close your eyes, seat yourselves comfortably, take a deep breath or two and allow any worries of concerns that you may have to step aside. Now, you are held firmly in the embrace of Mother/Father/God and I would ask that you use your imagination and see before you a magnificent mountain. This is a mountain within the Himalayas where my ashram of Light is situated and it is my wish to take you into my ashram to visit the Temple of the Ascension flames. It is such that these flames are ever expanding; they do not stop at the seven-fold flame. In fact, in time, I shall take you through to the twelve- fold flame initiation, if you so wish.

For now, Beloved Ones, I ask that you open your heart, your body, your mind and your spirit to the presence of the seven-fold flame. Imagine yourselves be magically transported to an opening within this magnificent mountain. You find yourself at the entrance of a beautiful Crystal Cave. Ask for permission to enter this cave, and once you have received it, enter the cave and look around you. Adjust your vibrations and perceptions to the energy of the cave; know that you are quite safe. Look at the beautiful crystals, feel their energy and vibration. Acknowledge the different colours that you see and allow the vibrations of each colour of the crystals to penetrate your being. As you look around, you see a magnificent golden light approaching you and as the light comes closer, you see it is my presence. The presence of my light body. And, I greet each one of you and take you by the hand and lead you further into the cave. In the centre of the cave are three golden thrones. I ask that each of you take your seat upon a throne. Feel how this throne accepts you. Feel the Light and the energy of the throne beneath you and around you. This is the golden seat of Golden Consciousness and Ascension and we welcome you as you sit upon this throne. Behind you now materializes a magnificent angel, an angel of the Golden Age and this angel places its hand upon your shoulders and then upon your head and, as the angel does so, you feel a magnificent peace envelop you. Allow yourselves to sit within this peace for a little bit. Feel the emanations of the golden light that are being beamed through the angel’s hands into your body. Allow yourself to accept these vibrations. This is another gift which we, the Masters of the Light, give to you this day. Know that this angel is ever-present guiding your every step, your every thought, word and action. When you feel in a state of un-centeredness, remember your golden angel and allow yourself to feel the emanations and of peace, light and joy.

As you sit upon your throne, I stand before you now and ignite around you a magnificent violet flame. This is a very, very powerful flame which holds the masculine energy of Father God. This flame ignites around you and impregnates each of your chakras in your physical body. Feel the flame as it ignites very powerfully in each of your seven physical body chakras. Allow the Flame of Transmutation to envelop you completely. Feel the power of this flame. This is the flame which clears and cleanses all negativity and darkness from you on all levels and in all ways. This is the power of this flame. It brings to you the power of your masculine self and can assist one in activating your action. Call upon this flame when illumination is needed regarding any issue. Call upon this flame when negativity holds you back. Allow this flame to envelop you and feel as it ignites within every single cell of your physical body as well as every single chakra of your being. By this I mean not only the seven that you are accustomed to working with - expand the flame now and allow it to encompass your entire physical and energetic bodies, allow its cleansing and clearing properties to fill you with magnificent light.

As this flame expands, I ignite within you a magnificent silver-platinum flame. This is the Flame of the Goddesses, beloved ones. This flame holds the energy of the pine Mother. As such, it is the flame which nurtures one, in the loving embrace of the pine Mother. It holds within it the energy of all the Goddesses that ever have been within the universe. This flame brings to you the gift of intuition, of trust and nurturement. It is the flame that sparks within you your pine creativity, your ability to co-create with Mother/Father/God. This flame is held by Goddess Isis and Ishtar as well as all the other Goddesses that you can conceive of. Allow this flame to ignite very powerfully and very beautifully within every single chakra of your physical and energetic bodies, and as it does so, allow it to activate within you, your pine trust and intuition; your trust of Self and Mother/Father/God, your ability to rely absolutely and completely upon your own inner guidance and wisdom. This is the gift that the Goddesses bring to you. Feel the flame as it ignites within every single cell of your physical body and feel it expand very powerfully beyond your physical body to encompass all that you are. Allow this flame to nurture you in times of loneliness, in times of doubt, in times of fear. Together, the Violet and Silver-Platinum flames combine their energies and, as they do so, a magnificent Golden flame ignites completely in all of your charkas instantly. This is the Flame of Golden Consciousness. It, too, is the flame of the golden inner child that is birthed through the union of the pine masculine and feminine flames. This flame brings to you the light of the sun and is held by Lord Ra and Lord Helios and also by beloved Lord Kuthumi. Allow this flame to ignite in every single cell of your physical body. Allow the energy of the sun to enter into you, to ignite illumination, passion, love and Golden Consciousness within you. We ask at this time that you connect with your pine inner golden child. This aspect of yourself holds innocence. It holds magnificence, knowledge and awareness. It holds the innocence of you before you were conditioned by the limitations of society and the world in which you live. Allow this magnificent golden child to greet you and to show you the way forward, for at this time, it is my task to remind each one of you to connect with your own inner Light. And there are many aspects to this inner light; many parts of it of which your golden child is one. Make friends with this child. Allow it to show you its purity, innocence and Light and allow it to lead you forward into the Golden Age. Feel the golden flame expand so that it encompasses your entire physical body and energy field. Feel the light of the sun embrace you in its warmth and power.

I now bring to you the gift of the Flame of Will and Power. The indigo blue flame held by Archangel Michael, Lord Arthur and Lord El Morya. This is the flame of pine will and power, and I would ask that each of you imagine this flame shooting up from the earth, right up through your central channel to your crown, igniting very powerfully within you, your pine will and power. The pine will and power of your soul. And the gift that this flame brings to you, is the alignment of your will and power with the pine will and power of Mother/Father/God. This is the flame of courage and strength. This is the flame to call upon when one experiences stuckness or fear - an inability to move forward. This flame holds the emanations and vibrations of courage and power. This flame introduces you to your own inner power. I would ask that you feel this flame ignite within every single chakra of your physical body and within every single chakra of your energetic body. Feel the flame ignite within every single cell of your physical body. Allow it to envelop you completely. Feel the power that is emanated by this flame and know that this power exists within you. It is not without you, as many people think. The power of the pine will is within you and this is the gift which Archangel Michael brings to you through his flame. This flame can be used in conjunction with the Violet Flame of Lord Racogsky, the masculine flame, to offer you the highest vibration and form of protection. When in doubt or fear, ignite these two flames within you and around you to instantly transmute all fear and negativity from you.

I now call to you the pine presence of the Flame of Unconditional, pine Love. This flame, I ignite, first, within your heart. Feel this beautiful flame as it comes to greet you. Feel it ignite beautifully within your heart. Before I give the colour to you, I wish for you to feel the vibrations of this flame within your heart. This is the flame of love, beloved ones. It holds love of all Beings and all aspects. It introduces you to what is meant by pine and unconditional love for, in truth, humanity does not know what this really means, and the gifts of the Flame of Unconditional and pine Love, is brought to you by Lady Nada. Open your consciousness, your body and all that you are to this pine emanation. The colour of this flame is a beautiful deep magenta pink. I would ask that you feel this flame burst into flame in your heart chakra, pushing its way through all the walls that you have placed around your heart which prevent you from opening yourself to receive the Love of Mother/Father/God in all its forms. Feel this flame as it ignites now within every single other chakra of your physical body and energetic field. Allow the flame to be very powerfully ignited throughout all that you are; feel the flame ignite in every single cell of your physical body and allow your body to open to receive the emanation of pine and unconditional love from Mother/Father/God. I would ask that you use this flame to expand your awareness and experience of love. Should you find yourself judging yourself or another, call upon the presence of the pine Flame of Unconditional Love to be ignited within you, to allow yourself to hold the highest possible emanations and vibrations of love at all times. For it is true that this world within which you live is sorely lacking in love and it is the task of all those who work with the Light to open themselves to love and to show others the way. This is the purpose of the pine magenta flame of unconditional love - allow yourselves to receive this. Feel the flame as it joins the other flames which have been ignited within you and, as it settles within you and around you, I bring to you the Flame of Grace. The flame held by Lady Mary. This is the flame which brings to you the vibrations and emanations of the angelic world. It is a beautiful light blue flame holding the energies of grace and emotional healing which the angelic kingdom offers to each of you now. Feel the flame as it ignites within each and every chakra of your physical and energetic body, allowing yourself to let go of all the emotions which no longer serve you. Also, allowing yourself to feel your emotions. For it is true that many human beings try to stifle that which they feel. The Flame of Grace brings to you the gifts of emotional body healing. It also brings to you the purity of your Angelic Self. Remember, beloved ones, that there are many aspects to you. You are multifaceted and each of you holds a strand of angelic vibration. This Flame of Grace, the flame of Mary, brings that angelic presence into your consciousness, and I, Saint Germain, would ask that you spend some time connecting with your angelic presence in whichever form it chooses to show itself. Feel this flame expand and enter into every single cell of your physical body. Feel it expand to hold you very, very gently but very, very powerfully in its embrace. It holds the vibrations of gentleness - it enables a soothing to occur throughout all levels of your being.

Feel this flame as it joins the other Flames of Light, and finally, beloved ones, we bring to you a magnificent pure white flame of Light. This is the Flame of Illumination, of Freedom, of Ascension and Transformation. This is the flame which holds the complete energy of Mother/Father/God. This is the flame of all knowledge, of all vibration and all that ever is, always. We ask that you imagine this flame being ignited very powerfully within every single chakra of your physical body. Feel this flame ignite throughout your central channel. Feel it instantly explode into expansion to encompass all that you are, on every level and in every way. Know that this flame holds you within the Presence of Light of Mother/Father/God. It holds within it, your pine God /Goddess essence. For each one of you is an aspect of God/Goddess. This is the gift that this flame brings to you - the connection with that God/Goddess aspect of yourself. It also brings you the gift of Ascension. That is, the gift of moving to the next level of your Being-ness so that you may expand on a daily basis and come to know more of yourself, on your pathway to union with Mother/Father/God. This white flame of Ascension and Illumination and Transformation holds within it all of the flames and, as such, is the over-lighting flame of the Ascension flames of Saint Germain.

We would ask now that you spend a few moments breathing in the vibrations and emanations of each of the seven-fold flames. Feel the energy of it and while you do that, I wish to ask you to work with each of these flames inpidually, in your own time, and get to know the vibrations of each one. Call upon the Beings of the Light who hold each of the flames and ask them to work with you each day. You may use this flame as a protective mechanism. That is, as a cleansing and clearing mechanism. So, for example you could say, "I call on the magnificent presence of the Seven-fold flame to completely penetrate and surround my entire physical body and energy field. I intend that the seven-fold flame cleanse and clear me on all levels, in all ways, and throughout all dimensions of any negative or disharmonious energy from the past, the present the and the future now. And I call on these flames to instantly transmute all that which has been cleansed and cleared into the highest and purest and vibrations of love, light, wisdom, truth, knowledge, power and Presence of Mother/Father/God. I call on these flames to protect me on all levels, in all ways and all dimensions from any negative or disharmonious energy projected towards me, either consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously by any Being or source, be they incarnate or discarnate, and I thank Mother Father God and Saint Germain for the gift of the Seven-fold flame."

This is one way of using these flames, Beloved Ones. They may be used anywhere and everywhere. However, be sure to ask permission should you be wanting to use these flames with another. It is very important not to impose these flames upon another unless you have received direct permission either from them or from their Higher Self. We do not wish to impose any of them upon another. Take a deep breath in. Just to allow the energy to integrate within you, and as you sit upon your golden throne, you see a light coming towards you. This is the presence of your future Golden Self. This is the self that exists already within the pure and pine Golden Consciousness. Allow this presence to stand before you and see him or her in all their awe and graciousness. Feel the Light emanating from your Golden Self. Know, beloved ones, that this is you. Greet yourself and ask yourself is there any message which needs to be given to you at this time, and listen and look to see what is projected to you. Trust, beloved ones, whatever comes instantly to you. This Golden Self stands before you and takes your hand. Look into your golden Self ‘s eyes and see the love that you have for yourself. Feel the love penetrate into your own eyes, into your heart and every part of you. Allow that pine self to embrace you. Your Golden Self now presents you with an image, a thought or a word which is your gold print. Just allow what will come to be there - do not judge, or try to find the answer; whatever comes, just allow it. It may be a colour. It may be one word. It may be a symbol of Light. Allow it to come to you. Have you each received a symbol of your gold print?

Yes, …Sister Carol? Brother Gary? Yes.

This is your gold print which your Golden Self gives to you. This is the gold print that allows you to anchor all that you wish to anchor upon the earth to help bring in the Golden Age. So, for example, beloved ones, you may wish to anchor a project of Light. Then use your gold print to do this. You may wish to anchor pine love within yourself and your environment. You may wish to anchor whatever it is that you wish to anchor which is in accordance with the pine will of your soul. Then you may use your gold print to do so. Your gold print also activates within you, Golden Consciousness. It activates all these codings that you have asked for, and needed, to take you into the Golden Age. This is the gift which the gold print presents to you. I would ask that after this channeling you draw your gold print. You will find crayons and pencils in this room. We would ask that you draw your gold print and then ask another to draw your gold print upon your spine four times. Once for the physical, once for the emotional, once for the mental, and once for the spiritual bodies. This enables your gold print to enter into your cerebral spinal fluid where it will be held forever. So that you are able to ground and activate Golden Consciousness within you and upon the planet Earth. I will ask that at some time within the next 24 hours, you allow yourself to walk your symbol upon the earth. If it is a word, then walk that word upon the earth. If it is a colour then walk upon the earth imagining that colour seeping into the earth. This will ground your gold print and your Golden Consciousness upon the earth. If there is a project or something you wish to anchor, then think of this project and set the intention that this project be anchored through your gold print into the physical world. Is this understood, beloved ones? I would ask once more that you breathe and allow yourself to integrate this information through your breath. Allow the presence of the golden light to emanate within you and as you stand, your Golden Self greets you, reminding you of how much you love yourself. Feel the presence of the Seven-fold Flame that surrounds you. Know that this presence is ever-present and always there for you to call upon. I, Saint Germain, stand before you and offer you my hand and together, we walk to the entrance of the cave. We turn and give thanks to the pine Presence of the Ascension Flames and we give thanks to the Temple Cave of the Ascension Flames. Miraculously, Beloved Ones, you fly once more down to the base of the mountain and as we stand there, I put my hands upon your shoulders, I look into your eyes and tell you, you are deeply held and loved by all. And, I greet you and thank you, and as I do so, I melt away and you feel the presence of the chair beneath you as you come back into this room, the here and now, in the physical world. Feel yourself anchoring your energy all the way through your physical body and deep into the earth. Feel yourself grow roots deep into the earth, anchoring and grounding. It is true, Beloved Ones, that we, the Masters of the Light, are honoured to be able to work with you in such a manner. Do not ever under-estimate yourselves. Your presence is very much needed upon planet Earth at this time. That is my message to each of you, for you are valued and honoured more than you could ever imagine.

Are there any questions, beloved ones, regarding today’s activation?

Q: Greetings Saint Germain, it is Peter John. If we want to anchor a project of light, how do we actually do that? Do we visualise that project of light and walk our symbol upon the earth?

Greetings, beloved one. That is definitely a way. If you are more visual than clairaudient then definitely visualise the project as you are walking. If, however, you struggle to visualise, then maybe just think about the project as you are walking and set the intention that the project be anchored fully and firmly into the presence of earth, so to speak. Is this clear? Is there anything further, beloved one?

Q: What if the print that I have is more a vibration, a feeling? I can’t get a symbol - it is more a wave, a vibration.

Then, beloved one, we would suggest that you sit with it. Sit with that feeling, that wave and vibration. Allow yourself to feel it. Allow the wave or vibration to enter into your body and to fill your body. In this way, beloved one, you will be physically grounding it and then as you sit with that wave or vibration in your body, imagine that wave or vibration moving through you deep into the earth. In this way you will ground it. Is this clear? You may find at a later stage that a symbol comes to you. We would ask, too, that you imagine this wave or vibration entering into every single vertebrae of your spine so that the cerebral spinal fluid holds that vibration for you. Is this clear beloved ones? May I ask if there is possibly any crystal you may like to work with that may hold this vibration, that you obtain such a crystal and then work with this crystal. As you are working with the vibration, ask somebody to run this crystal down your spine to activate the gold print within your cerebral spinal fluid. Is this clear? Is there anything further?

Q: I have a question related to my business with the copper refineries. I am in the process of moving out of that but I’m not sure whether I am doing this as a way of rejecting Mother Earth, as the copper comes from Mother Earth, or whether that no longer serves me.

Beloved one, if I could say to you, what do you feel within your heart about this?

I feel within the heart that I don’t want to do it anymore.

So then, may I ask what are the feelings of guilt about? What is the hesitation about, why is it difficult for you to let go?

It provides a money flow to me, it means stepping out of that into an uncertain money flow. The uncertainty.

Beloved one, we would suggest that you work with this quite deeply for it is true that you are held at all times by Mother/Father/God and, part of the lesson for you, in particular, beloved Peter John, is to learn to trust; to trust that Mother/Father/God and Spirit will take care of you. Set your concerns upon paper call in all the Beings of the Light that are connected to you and who work with you and present this to them. And then, use my flames, beloved one, to transmute all that fear. If I did not make it clear to you, these flames can be used to cleanse or clear all fear; for at this time upon the planet there is no room any longer for fear. It is time to move forward completely within the love vibration. I am not for a moment suggesting that you ignore fear when it arises within one. However work with it. Work with it the way I expressed with Peter John. Use the flames to transmute the fear. You know that you shall always be taken care of. You have the ability within you to manifest all that you need. You have shown how you have done this in the past. Trust yourself. There is no use in hanging onto something that longer supports you, which holds within it energy which feels disharmonious. Is this clear?

Yes, thank you..

Q: Saint Germain, I think it is fear that I have in my chest and I can’t breathe. Is that right?....

Beloved one, what is your innermost feeling within your heart with regards to this? When your chest closes up - we will not do it now, as we have spent time bringing you into centeredness - but perhaps one day, for a moment, take yourself back to the time when it closed up. Allow yourself to feel the physical sensations of this, just for a moment, not too long, and allow yourself to feel the underlying emotional state that accompanies that physical closing. Is this clear, beloved one? You are on the right track, however. In order to clear it, you need to uncover the layers and, once again, we would ask- there are two things- that you use the flames firstly to cleanse and clear whatever it is that comes up for you. As I have said, and I reiterate, we do not wish you to spend any length of time in that physical state. We ask that you return your consciousness back to that time so that you may get an understanding and awareness of what is occurring at such times. Is this clear? We would also ask you to listen to your body and take yourself to someone who you trust, who can work on this with you in terms of mental clearing, emotional clearing and physical clearing. Is this clear beloved one? Do not ever think that you are unimportant. Is this clear?

Yes … thank you…

Brother Gary is there anything that you wish to ask?

Q: What you have been saying Saint Germain, is what you told me in the past sessions that I must still work on more than I have done already..

Beloved one, know that what you are doing is absolutely perfect. You do not have to think that there is somewhere else that you need to get to, Just continue working with the flames everyday to cleanse and clear, using them as a form of protection and know that I, Saint Germain, am ever by your side, guiding you. As I have said previously, it is my role at this time to ensure that my initiates come to rely upon the inner wisdom of themselves, for it is in this that you will the able to teach others. Is this clear? The more you rely on your own inner wisdom and inner light the more clarity and direction you will receive.

My blessings are with each of you and I, Saint Germain, am honoured to have been able to present my Flame to you. I hold you in love.

Copyright © Carol Cooper-Steyn.
All rights reserved.